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May 15, 2018 Lani Puna Flows Active

The spattering/exploding event at fissure 17 continues... pushing the hot liquid rock another two-tenths of a mile toward the Pacific Ocean overnight. She is now nearly half way to the water. And two new fissures, numbers 19 and 20, have apparently broken out in Lani Puna Gardens... just southeast of the PGV Geothermal plant. We heard an unconfirmed report this morning that another house had been destroyed in Lani Puna Gardens. The enormous amount of lava erupted is only a couple hundred yards from Highway 132, but that lobe has apparently stalled. The rest of the flow now appears to be headed in the direction of Ahalanui Beach Park (hot pond) area, or possibly as far northeast as Vacationland and Kapoho Beach Lots. Big shout out to the fine folks at Paradise Helicopters who make this all possible! Paradise No Ka Oi! More tomorrow!