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May 6, 2018 HUGE Fissure Eruption

The Leilani Estates Subdivision on the East side of the Big Island (Puna) is literally being ripped apart. This morning's fissure eruption was by far the largest we've seen so far... starting just above Luana St, she crossed Leilani Ave, and poured lava into a group of homes to the North. Generally, these fissure outbreaks have begun violently, and quit quickly... but this one appears to be an exception. The fountains were carrying lava over two hundred feet into the air in a spectacular display! In the 40 minutes we were there, we watched her destroy two homes, and there were any number of others in close proximity. We will update the situation tomorrow morning. Mahalo to Paradise Helicopters, and their fine pilot Sean Regehr. Bruce Omori and I had our work cut out for us documenting today's activity, but Sean made it a lot easier! Mahalo nui loa, Paradise!!!