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Canyon Crk. Bridges-Pano01

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The new Canyon Crk. Bridge from the old Canyon Crk. Bridge at Hope Junction.

When I first moved to Alaska, they were building the new highway sections from Anchorage to Bird Point, Turnagain Arm to Turnagain Pass and from the top of Canyon Crk. to Summit Lake.
Later, the section from Hope Junction to the top of Canyon Crk was rebuilt.
This is part of the Turnagain Pass to Hope Junction section,the next to be rebult.

The old highway section, including the old bridge and back to the Bench Crk. Trailhead, is now a 7 mile bike trail that parallels the highway. It is up hill from the bridge to the trailhead and a nice down hill return back to the junction.

The last portion of the highway to be rebuilt was the Bird Point to Girdwood section. Its old roadbed has also been turned into a walking / bicycle trail, but much steeper and more demanding.

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